Content of Persian (Farsi-Dari) Grammar & self learner

Introduction of Persian (Farsi-Dari) Grammar & self learner



Yavar Dehghani is a self published author,a linguist and lecturer

in Iranian languages including Persian (Farsi & Dari), Pashto, and

Turkic languages including Azari and Turkish.


He completed his Ph D in General

Linguistics in La Trobe University in

Melbourne in 1999.His dissertation was the

study of comparative grammars of Persian, Azari, Turkish and

English. He has been a lecturer in Persian Linguistics, Persian as a

second language and English as a second language for several years

in universities.

Yavar is an Accredited translator of the National Australian Authority

for Translators & Interpreters (NAATI), and has done freelance

translation in Iranian languages with different translation agencies

locally and internationally.

Yavar has written and published books on grammar and phrasebooks

and dictionaries on these languages and presented many papers on

language issues and reviewed conference papers and supervised

postgraduate theses on languages.

He received the Australian Day Medallion for developing and

managing courses in a second language. He has been arguing and

applying a second language learning approach based on comparative

grammar. That is, in learning a second language one should become

familiar with the grammatical structure of both languages and their

similarities and differences. Through this knowledge, one learn the

second language efficiently and in a time effective way.

Yavar is a multilingual and speaks English, Persian (Farsi & Dari),

Pashto, Azari, and Turkish and understands Arabic. Being exposed to

many languages and cultures, he has always been interested in

difference in languages and cultures of different parts of the world. A

Martian Earthly Dictionary is the result of such an experience.